Thank You 2021 Bantam Coaches

Posted by Bantam Ottawa Patriots 2021 on Aug 29 2021 at 06:52PM PDT

The Ottawa Patriots would like to recognize the excellent and tireless work of Mark Dalipaj with our 2021 Bantam team. His commitment to our organization, which started in the fall of 2020, is beyond reproach. Like all baseball organizations in Ottawa the past two season have been very trying due to Covid. Our bantam team faced with an additional challenge when health issues forced the then field manager to step down. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had Mark as part of the coaching staff to take over those responsibilities. We wish Mark all the best for next season and hope he will return to baseball in the future.

The Patriots also recognizes both Eric Louis-Seize and Adam Fry for their invaluable support to Mark. The level of improvement of each player, team play and extraordinary camaraderie of this team is a credit to the three of them. We are pleased to announce that Eric will return to the Patriots next season. We wish Adam and his family all the best on their relocation.

Lastly we need to recognize the great work of this team’s administrative manager Jeff Paul. This sometimes thankless job is often taken for granted and we have no doubt that every parent appreciated his hard work.


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